Football Banner Ideas

Football Team Banner Elements

  1. Sponsor (if applicable)
  2. Logo or Team Name
  3. Names & Numbers
  4. League and Year
  5. Non-distracting Background
  6. Coaches & Team Parent
  7. Visible from afar

Hover or tap the numbered circles on the example banner for info about each.

Raiders Football Banner


Without them, you’d probably be paying more for those jerseys and gear.


Team Name or Logo

You should include an image or logo if you have one. Big bold text will do as well. Make it fun, especially for youth soccer leagues.


Names & Numbers

For youth soccer you only need to include First Name, or First Name + Last initial. As players grow older last names are important. Numbers are key, so those scouts (and parents) in the crowd can figure out who is who from a distance.


League & Year

You’ll want the year and league name, especially for mini banner keepsakes, and coach will appreciate it when it’s hanging in the garage later.


Background Image

Make sure any background images do not distract from, or lessen other more important elements. Use opacity where possible, or choose images that blend in well.


Coach, Assistant Coach(es), Team Parents

If you have these, include them. It’s always great to thank the coaches and team parents for their dedication.


You want as many people to be able to read your banner as possible. Use colors that pop, and large clear fonts where possible.

Football Team Banner Design Examples

Click through the banner examples above for design ideas for your banner project.

Some designs are minimal, and some are detailed. Some include player photos, and others don’t.

No matter how many elements your banner has, make sure that the most important elements remain the focal point. It’s easy to get carried away with distracting backgrounds and design elements.

When in doubt have someone review your design, or get some design help during the process.

Elements of Great Football Player Banners

  1. Logo or Team Name
  2. High-res photo(s)
  3. Background Image
  4. Name & Number
  5. Team/League & Year

Hover or tap the numbered circles on the example banner for info about each.

Football player banner example design

Logo or Team Name

The High School logo or team name should be very visible, either on the jersey, and/or somewhere printed on the banner.


High-res photo or photos

This should be the focal point of the whole banner.


Background Image

Make sure any background images do not distract from the most important element, which is the player photo. The background will help with the overall look or theme of the banner.


Name & Number

The name should be visible from a distance, so use large and clear fonts. Especially for the last name. If your photo does not include the player number, make sure to add it. Doesn’t hurt to add it twice.


Team/League & Year

You’ll want the year and league name, whether that is for the school league or not. If the player gets to keep the banner, it is great to have all the details mentioned.


End of Season Keepsake

The head coach or school should keep the full-sized team banner, and individual player banners should be given to each athlete at the end of their season.

Each player will be able to look back and remember all the good times and memories with a mini banner memento.

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