Tee Ball Banner Ideas

Elements of a Great Tee Ball Banner

  1. Sponsor
  2. Logo or Team Name
  3. Names & Numbers
  4. League and Year
  5. Coaches & Team Parent
  6. Fun

Hover or tap the numbered circles on the example banner for info about each.

Pirates Baseball Banner


Without them, you’d pay more for those jerseys and hats.


Logo (or team name)

While logo is best, you should include an image or bold text that represents your team. Make it fun, it’s tee ball after all.


Names & Numbers

Include First Name, or First Name + Last initial. Include jersey numbers if you have them. Should be as big and bold as possible, so you can read them from a distance.


League & Year

You’ll want the year and league name, especially for mini banner keepsakes, and coach will appreciate it when it’s hanging in the garage later.


Coach, Assistant Coach(es), Team Parents

If you have these, include them. It’s always great to thank the coaches and team parents for their dedication.


Make it Fun

They are just getting into the sport, so as coaches & parents we should make it enjoyable. Add some fun & enthusiasm, and they will be hooked for years.

Little League Tee Ball Team Banner Examples

End of Season Keepsake

After a great season, what could be better than every player being able to take home their very own mini version of the banner they saw at games.

While the coach should probably keep the full size banner, the kids will remember the season, including all the important details that you added to your banner.

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Mini team banners stacked
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