Sports Banner Fonts

Fonts play an important role for all printed banners.

When it comes to sports signage, fonts are crucial.

To be effective, fonts should do several things, and do them well:

  1. Look good, and clearly legible
  2. Convey the feeling intended
  3. Not distract from the main message

Example Sports Fonts

When you pair one of the below example fonts with a sans-serif font, you’ll surely have a winning combination.

Here are some great sports fonts for your next banner, with each appearing as both light and dark depending on your application:


Banner Goat 1234567890 in Empera font


Banner Goat 1234567890 in Fanatix font


Banner Goat 1234567890 in Fenway font


Banner Goat 1234567890 in Freshman font


Banner Goat 1234567890 in Graduate font

Selecting Fonts

A general rule of thumb is to use 2 fonts (or less) per design. Two fonts can be varied by adjusting size, boldness, color, texture, shadows etc.

With only 2 main fonts, you can still have a wide range of different looking text as needed.

Your finished banner may look like many more than 2 fonts were used, which is OK. But by sticking to 2 main fonts, your design will have a more cohesive look and feel.

There are endless possible font combinations. Typically you’ll want one Serif/Display/Handwritten (fancy) font, and one Sans-Serif (plain) font.

The Serif font will likely be for the largest text elements, and the Sans-Serif will be for other detailed and smaller text.


Most sports banners will also include numbers, whether for jersey numbers, years, dates etc.

So it’s also important to consider fonts that provide good looking numbers.

Numbers may be one of the most visible elements on your banner, so you may want to select a font entirely on how the numbers look.


So while sports banner designs can get pretty detailed, one of the most important aspects will be your font selection. So take some time, and choose wisely.

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